Clean Energy Lending

Our Green Future, Today.

All neighborhoods could be green neighborhoods. CFE wants to be your partner in closing the affordability gap to optimize energy efficiency and to decarbonize buildings — and communities. Through our new initiative, the One Climate Fund©, we offer financing for renewable energy and energy-efficiency projects, as well as other eco-focused efforts, including:

  • Energy retrofits for small businesses, multifamily residences, and community facilities
  • Solar installations for small businesses, affordable housing, and nonprofits
  • Community solar projects
  • Electric vehicle charging stations
  • Storm water management, waste solutions, and community food systems

Core to our goals is the incorporation of green energy and energy-efficiency investments across our lending portfolio, advocating for their inclusion in both retrofits and new construction.


Our Partners in Climate Justice

CFE is proud to work in tandem with the two green banks in the region, the DC Green Bank and the Montgomery County Green Bank, enabling us to amplify our impact. The organizations serve as comprehensive knowledge bases, network connectors, and capital providers in their respective jurisdictions, growing the demand for financing as an integral part of climate change mitigation and resilience.


This Is CFE: Energy Savings

A Takoma Park, Maryland building with 232 apartment units — the majority of which are considered affordable housing — needed a loan to be able to make green energy improvements while they waited to receive their sizable Pepco energy efficiency incentive funds. CFE assessed risk, balanced it with community impact and moved forward with the loan. The condo association is now saving $75,000 a year on energy costs and reducing carbon emissions by 500 metric tons, the equivalent of 109 passenger vehicles. Plus, it was relatively low-risk for CFE, paid in full within mere months. This is what is meant by social impact.