Impact Investment Fund

What is Impact Investing?

When the value placed on social impact outweighs the value of maximizing profit. First and foremost, we evaluate projects based on the impact they can have in their communities. Often these types of projects are overlooked by large, traditional banks because they are not deemed profitable enough. In many cases, these projects just need creative financing and a lot of patience to make the deal work.

That is where City First Enterprises comes in.


Affordable Housing
Mighty_Icons-v1-PrintReady-Draft2 copy 7 CFE provides financing for low and moderate-income housing, mixed-use projects with a residential component, and market rate housing located in areas where development of such markets will have a positive impact on the community
Small Business

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CFE provides financing to entrepreneurs looking to start or grow their business. CFE also supports business owners through targeted advisory services and expertise. 
Community Facilities

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CFE provides financing for projects that have a significant economic development impact on a distressed community. This includes financing for facilities owned or operated by nonprofits, including health centers, charter schools, child care organizations, community centers, and arts organizations.
Green Energy

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CFE seeks to encourage energy efficiency in all of the projects it finances. CFE takes a broad view of energy efficiency and supports best practices in new construction and gut rehabs as well as retrofits to existing in-service buildings.


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